Wedges and Shims

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Wedges and Shims

Feather and wedges also known as: Kile and Blekk, Kile & Blekk, Steinkiler, Kivikiila, Plug and feather, plugs and wedges, feather and wedges, wedges and shims, pins and feathers and feather and tare.

Wedge & Shims is a three-piece tool-set that is used to split stone.

The tool is made of steel and consists of two tapered shims that together with the wedge form a set with the same diameter at both ends.

Holes are drilled in the stone using a drill bit with the same diameter as the wedge & shims set. A common 800 – 1500W hammer drill and a carbide rock drill bit is sufficient. Renting rock drill equipment will make drilling faster. The size and quality of the stone determines distance between the holes. Approximately 10 – 20 cm apart for 20 mm wedge & shims.

Depth of holes needs to be sufficient for the wedge to be struck down between the shims until the stone cracks.

Insert wedge & shims to the holes and make sure that they are lined up so that they are perpendicular to the line of split.

The wedges are then struck with a small stone maul in sequence. Eventually a crack will appear on the surface and the stone splits apart.

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